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my fics, let me show you them

i just felt my geek go up

Pwnster/Sam's Writings
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The Writer(s)

I'm Sam, samatethecookie). I am currently twenty-four years old. I earned my associates degree in liberal arts, but haven't made any plans as to where to go from here yet. I plan to write; I'm not the best at it, but I do enjoy it and I can't see myself doing anything else. As far as a career plan goes, I'm still thinking about it.

My BFF/wifey Sev (sleepyscribbles) is my roleplaying/writing partner, and she also posts her stories frequently. We both write about each other's characters -- both fancharacters and original characters -- quite often.

The Content

Majority of the entries are private, since a lot of my original works are posted here. Most likely you won't see any of those unless I've approved you for membership.

The public entries are basically fanfiction, or anything I'm comfortable posting for others to see. I mostly write Teen Titans related fiction, based on past or current RPGs. I used to play Starfire, See-More and Lightning at [info]jumpcitynexus, so I'm fairly comfortable revisiting the muses once in awhile. You can also find fanfiction for Mass Effect, Dragon Age and World of Warcraft in here somewhere.

Friending Policy

If I've known you for a long time and I'm comfortable with you, feel free to ask to join. Please don't take offense if I don't approve your membership; I'm just very self-conscious and paranoid about my writing and I don't add just anybody. Also, if you're younger than eighteen, I probably won't add you due to the content. I don't usually write smut or anything violent--my attempts at both aren't very good--but it does happen, and I'm not willing to corrupt anyone or lead any parents into thinking that's my intention.

You're welcome to watch the community for any public updates, though! I have no problem with that. :D

Important Links

I recommend some of my favorite novels and fanfiction. I'm also somewhat working on a 1001 books challenge; admittedly the list is being used more as a recs list that will steer me in the right direction to books I may enjoy.


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