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Icon Meme Fic // #49
This is the drabble for this icon above!

Characters: Lightning and sleepyscribbles's original fan-character Ophelia.
Summary: Lightning's girlfriend Ophelia has to rescue her best friend Brooke (who is actually Terra) from Madame Rouge, who has opened up a school in similar fashion to Brother Blood's academy. She needs Lightning's help. However, there's a catch that he didn't anticipate: they need to infiltrate the place as spies, and it's an all-girl's school.
Notes: As usual, sometimes I'm incapable of sticking strictly to 100 words. OH WELL.

239 WordsCollapse )

KISS BINGO // Sev's Card!
other: staged
location: sunrise
face: nose
face: jawline
time: quick (:*)
time: old
body: knees
location: hospital
type: letter (xoxo)
location: underwater
experimental: chocolate
other: punch drunk
body: calves
body: butt
type: gentle
body: wrist
time: long
experimental: licking
time: young
face: cheeks
type: Eskimo
face: forehead
experimental: biting
experimental: whipped cream

Other: Genre Meme
1. Write down the names of 10 characters.
2. Write a fic of fifteen words or less for every prompt, using the characters determined by the numbers. Do NOT read the prompts before you do step 1.

1. Starfire
2. Jinx
3. Cyborg
4. Thunder
5. See-More
6. Beast Boy
7. Raven
8. Gizmo
9. Lightning
10. Terra

Drabbles...Collapse )

Notes: I cheated by looking at the prompts, since I've discovered this on my flist, so you can go to and do a list randomizer if you want to do this meme yourself. That's what I did, and it worked!

romantic dreams must die: nephrite/naru
romantic dreams must die
This is for folks on my flist who are possibly Moonie fans but don't follow my Tumblr. Lately my Tumblr's been reduced to a place for me to geek out over my first fandom.

This picspam centers on an underrated OTP of mine. Nephrite/Naru--or Nephlite/Molly, if you don't recognize their Japanese names--was probably one of the first ships I wanted to happen but it never did. One day I started looking around for pictures of them on Tumblr, but I was disappointed in a serious lack of them.

I decided, "Clearly it is my duty to bring Nephrite/Naru to the fans. Commencing spam, now!" It seriously made me happy to find other Moonie fans through the pictures I posted that loved the ship, too. <3 Hopefully you guys like these images.

WARNING: Very image heavy. And some pictures are wider/bigger than others.

There's a corner of your heart for me. There's a corner of your heart, just for me. I will pack my bags, just to stay in the corner of your heart.Collapse )

Noob, Teen Titans fanfiction
Title: Noob.
Word Count: 418 Words.
Characters/Pairings: Lightning and Beast Boy.
Summary: “I do not understand why you prefer video games to the outdoors.”
Notes: And then Lighthning is awesome, pwns Beast Boy at video games, then he goes outside.

If you're up and if you want a piece of me, wave goodbye and blow a kiss 'cause you can't handle this.Collapse )

Final Fantasy Playlists
Because I am a nerd.

Playlists for Cloud/Tifa, Barret/Tifa, and Vincent/YuffieCollapse )

Lightning's Soundtrack, WIP
I was working on a playlist for Lightning until my laptop's hard drive decided to crap out on me. These were the songs I gathered.

Warning: Um, some cursing. One song in particular is truly horrible with that.

Lightning's OST in progress?Collapse )

cliche_bingo; Lightning/BB AU; Secret identity
Theme: Secret identity.
Characters/Pairings: Beast Boy/Lightning.
Summary: Lightning was far too embarrassed to admit who he was: a fallen god, betrayed by one of his own, forced to live a mortal life among the land that his grandfather once created.
Notes: I don't really like the wording of this. Also, this ... didn't happen, or won't happen, whichever. It was just a what-if I had, if Lightning was ever overthrown and forced into a mortal life. I predict that he'd work hard to be able to return and restore his HONORRRRR name properly. In the meantime, Beast Boy helps him escape to his tribe.

...Collapse )

1001 Books: Part Five [pre-1700s]

11 / 1001 books. 1% done!

The ListCollapse )

1001 Books: Part Four [1700s]

11 / 1001 books. 1% done!

The ListCollapse )


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